Wireless and Internet has been wired since 1995. In early 1999, we joined the AT&T Wireless Developer program, acquiring a series of CDPD wireless modems for testing. We are conducting research in the effective combination of wireless internet access and GPS geo-position information. We have currently left the AT&T Wireless Developer program in favor of Verizon's Wireless program. We are looking forward to the next generation of wireless (3G) connectivity, which will take a while before it's ready for prime time...

We use verio for our internet services.

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We have experience with various wireless technologies, including CDPD and other hi-frequency media.

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Wireless is a technology which uses radio-frequency (RF) transmissions to connect a mobile unit with a base station. Most users today are familiar with cellular telephone technology. Many other devices use RF to establish connectivity, including wireless home networks (802.11b) and X10 wireless devices.

If you need to create a wireless phone extension for a modem, Bryan King] reports the following links may be helpful:

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