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System Administration believes that proper system administration reduces the need for ongoing support. If a problem occurs, it must be fixed; but the underlying cause must be understood, and changes implemented to reduce or eliminate recurrence of the problem. encourages the use of the perl scripting language to implement system administration. Perl is available for Windows, VMS, Unix, Linux, and many other systems (including the Macintosh). See


See our Linux hints & kinks

VMS supports the efforts of the VMS community to make perl easier to use, and more functional, on the VMS operating system. VMSperl is one of the best perl implementations available. Several very useful VMS-specific modules are available from Dan Sugalski's site at

Tools and "Bleeding-edge" perl kits are available at Charles Lane's great site:

and I really, really, will get online Real Soon Now (after I've worked over the perl test issues...)



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