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Software can help you solve software issues. We are familiar with software methodologies and most of the current development environments.

We have expert knowledge of the OpenVMS operating system. Whether you need consultation about the operating system, cluster administration, volume shadowing, device drivers, the RMS data management system, or the ODS5 file system, we can help. For hints on using Clusterwide Logical names, click here. We are familiar with Datarieve as well. For Gartner/CNet on OpenVMS futures, click here.

We also have a great deal of experience with Microsoft System and Application software. We were early adopters of Windows 2000, including the Active Directory and Exchange 2000, and will be glad to help with this new technology. Information from recent Microsoft presentations at the New York Windows 2000 Local Users Group can be found here

We can help you with desktop publishing, communications, and financial applications for small business.

Please contact us about your needs.

Microsoft, Windows 2000 and possibly Active Directories, are trade or service marks of the Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA.


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